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Future Services
Future Services Dental Plans: an affordable, non-insurance alternative for Employers and Companies!

Have you every considered offering your employees a non-insurance dental plan? gives you access to affordable dental plans through non-insurance programs called "Access Plans". Because Access Plans are not insurance, annual costs can be hundreds of dollars less per family. Plus, many services are included that insurance plans don’t cover. With non-insurance plans, your company gets more dental care for your dollar than with a typical dental insurance plan!

Did you know that under traditional dental insurance plans, up to 40% of every premium dollar goes to profit and overhead for the insurance company? Because we are not an insurance company, we can greatly reduce the percentage of your "dental dollar" that is lost to your company and its employees.

Employers can choose to pay the entire cost of the health plan or to share the cost with their employees. In fact, if there is currently no place in your budget for a dental program, employers can offer a plan that is fully paid for by the employees themselves. Either way, since dental plans are relatively low-cost and highly valued by employees, it makes sense for employers to offer them!

We also provide you with the ability to customize plan types that best fit the needs and budget of your company. Options include plans that offer the freedom to see any dentist you choose, or discounted rates through selected dentists.

Comprehensive Healthcare (also known as specializes in assisting companies with a strong sense of value meet their financial goals. We will exceed the level of quality and service that you expect and we will continue to provide your company with plans that suit your needs and budget in this era of rising healthcare costs.

In sum, offers the following commitment to our clients:

Value Annual membership costs are far less than typical dental insurance premiums.
Simplicity Plan designs that are easier to understand and administer.
Choice Options that enable employees to stay with a dentist that they know and trust.
Savings Options that allow employees to receive services for greatly reduced fees.
Service Privately owned, locally based, customer-service oriented company.
Flexibility Ability to customize dental plans to meet the needs and budget of any company.
Competitive Rates Employee only: Rates begin at $7.00 per month
Family: Rates begin at $16.00 per month

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Dental Plan Options

Employers may offer their employees two kinds of dental access plans:

  1. Open Access Plan, where employees can receive care from any dentist they choose.
    • Employees and covered dependents can visit dentists they know and trust. There are no network restrictions.
    • Employers can customize plans that fit the needs of their employees within the constraints of their budget.
  2. Access Dental Plan, where employees receive access to discounted fees by going to participating dentists.
    • Employees and covered dependents can enjoy discounted fees with participating dentists.
    • A choice of three plan types. Fees are discounted 20%-100%.
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Open Access Plan

There are no expensive monthly premiums with the Open Access Plan. You only pay for the services that are provided, plus an administrative fee. This way you know that more of your dollars are going directly to the care of an individual and not to the profit and overhead of large insurance providers.

  • Members may receive care from any licensed General Dentist or Specialist.
  • Low administration cost (often 50% less than a traditional insurance plan design).
  • Easy to understand plan designs and claims processes.
  • Over 80% of your monthly cost goes directly to claims.
  • Monthly reporting documents dollars spent on dental care vs. dollars allocated to overhead and profit.
Plan Design:(Customized to the budget and needs of your company)
Calendar Year Maximum:(Flexible according to plan design chosen)
Deductibles:(Flexible according to plan design chosen)
Waiting period:None
Specialty Care:Members may receive care at any specialist office
Qualified dependents:(Flexible)
Fulfillment materials:ID card, Summary Plan Description
Open Access Plan Fees:(Flexible according to plan design and employee census)

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Access Dental Discount Plan

The Access Dental Plan allows employees to receive access to discounted fees by going to participating dentists.

  • Services provided by participating Dentists are discounted from 20% to 100% (see Access Dental Plan tab for sample fees).
  • Low monthly fees that are not increased if an employee’s family is likely to need more services than other families.
  • Employees with pre-existing conditions are eligible for discounted fees without a waiting period.
  • Includes services that insurance plans usually exclude, such as "laughing gas", white resin fillings on back teeth, and other cosmetic services.
  • No claim forms, deductibles, or calendar year maximums.
  • No requirement for preauthorization or pre-approval to use network specialists.

The Access Dental Network includes over 200 participating General Dentists and Specialists in Colorado (see Find a Provider tab for current listing).

Plan members may visit dental offices at any time (call 303-649-9311 for assistance). Family members are not required to receive their dental care in the same dental office. Please note that the dental network may change without notice or remedy.

Some employees may currently visit a dental office that does not participate in the Access Dental Plan. In most cases, we are willing to send their dentist an application to the network.

For network updates, call (303) 649-9311 or (866) 870-6399 outside the (303) area code. For employees who live outside of Colorado or have dependents living outside of Colorado, call at (303) 649-9311 for further options.

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Payment Options for Both Plans

Employers have several options for payment:

  • The employee pays the full cost of their plan through a payroll deduction.
  • The employer pays the full annual cost on behalf of their employees only.
  • The employer pays the full cost of the plan for their employees and their dependents.
  • The employer pays the full cost of the plan for their employees only. If employees wish to add their family members, they can pay the difference between the employee cost and the cost of one or more dependents.
  • The employer pays for the full cost of the Access Dental Red Plan for all employees. Then, if an employee prefers a different plan, they can "buy up" to the one they want by paying an additional monthly fee.

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Why should you offer a dental health plan to your employees?

Studies show that dental plans are the most popular healthcare option after medical insurance. Good oral hygiene promotes a healthier work environment, in which attributes to higher attendance rate in the workplace. enables you to give your company more dental care for your money than you would with a dental insurance plan!

  • Do you currently offer your employees a dental insurance plan?
  • If not, is it because the cost is too high?
  • If so, how does our plan compare to what you currently offer?

If you are interested in how a non-insurance Access Plan can meet the needs of your employees, call us at (303) 649-9311 for more information.

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