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Future Services
Future Services

What is (or offers membership in non-insurance Access Plans -- arrangements where individuals, companies or associations receive access to a range of health care services in exchange for an annual membership fee. gives members the option of traditional (person-to-person) or web-based information, purchase, and enrollment activity. That way, youíre given an attractive balance between the convenience of an Internet company and the benefits of a locally owned and operated service company.

Each of the Access Plans offers is designed to bring you the following:

  • Access to affordable care for individuals, companies, and associations
  • Access to services not offered by traditional medical insurance products
  • Access to delivery of these services without unnecessary controls
  • Access to personalized customer service through a locally owned and operated company
  • Access to online services information
  • Access to individual and group plans through the internet
  • Access to prompt appointments by removing obstacles to patient care

Membership fees for coverage are much lower than insurance premiums. Thatís because is not insurance -- itís access! Youíll find access plans have many advantages over insurance plans.

Why does make sense?

As the cost of healthcare and insurance premiums increase, a growing number of Coloradoans are unable to afford medical, dental, and other forms of health insurance. Even those who have insurance are often dissatisfied with the limited services offered by their insurance carrier. ...

  • Insurance plans often exclude popular health care options, including dental, vision, and prescription drugs, as well as complementary care such as chiropractic and homeopathy in order to control costs.
  • If insurance plans do include these options, they often limit or exclude specific services to reduce premiums. Insured people are surprised to find many services are restricted, not covered and unaffordable -- sometimes after undergoing treatment!
  • To manage the amount of services used by their insureds, insurance plans often require pre-authorization of treatment. That's why insured people are often forced to delay needed care until claims are reviewed or appealed.
  • Finally, insurance companies often pay physicians and hospitals in ways that allow financial incentives to delay and limit the care they give patients with insurance. This often results in long waiting periods before you can schedule appointments to see a doctor.

Why was founded by a former insurance company Dental Program director to meet the demand for health care services at affordable prices. Under Access Plans, members enjoy access to services not covered by typical insurance companies. In fact, in many cases members receive the same services they have under insurance plans, while paying annual access fees much lower than typical annual insurance premiums!