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You Should be the Main Character of Your Healthcare Plan!
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Small business owners, individuals, and families are always looking for affordable health plans with great benefits. But you are disappointed in traditional dental insurance.


I’m Mark Steiner, founder of Comprehensive Healthcare, Inc. And I’ve solved the riddle of how to find healthcare options that not only save you money, but are simple, efficient, and transparent. We are not an insurance company—and that’s a good thing for you!


Dental insurance and other healthcare options offered by big insurance companies are often disappointing! They can be expensive, inefficient, and confusing.

Big Insurance companies can make individuals feel small, and small businesses even smaller!

Enormous insurance companies can be frustrating to deal with.  The bigger they are, the less one person or company matters to them.  The more profit-driven they are, the more they cost you. 
For example, individual members often find their needed services aren’t covered.  And small businesses often don’t offer dental insurance or other healthcare options because they suspect the plans aren’t worth the cost—and they are right!

Common dental insurance plans often keep 40% of small business premiums to cover their own profit and overhead.

Comprehensive Healthcare Options Has the Solution

Comprehensive Healthcare is not an insurance company.  That’s why our healthcare programs end up costing less, include more, and perform better than typical insurance plans. 

  • Simple 

Our programs are streamlined to be easy to use.  Forget about deductibles, exclusions and limitations, waiting periods, and other complicated rules that make things unpredictable.

  • Efficient

No more complicated reimbursement processes and hours on the phone with insurance representatives. We’ve cut out all of the extra admin to provide you with the smoothest experience possible. 

  • Transparent

We make it easy to see what your plan includes, what it costs, and what you are saving!

Let's Compare


Enormous insurance companies are too often:

Profit/shareholder driven
High profit and overhead
Foreign customer service


Must pay more than they get out
Exclusions, limitations, waiting periods
Annual maximums, deductibles

Small businesses

Keeps unused premium dollars
Complex plan rules


Instead, Comprehensive Healthcare Options is:

Reasonable profit/overhead
Local customer service


Most get out more than they pay
None of those!

Small businesses

Rolls forward unused dollars
Simple plan rules

Get Started on Your Healthcare Journey!

Every story has a beginning. Start yours today by meeting with one of our team members. Because we’re dedicated to putting small businesses first, we can customize plans to fit your business needs.

We take a variety of factors into account to create the perfect plan.

Company size
Payment preference

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